Friday, February 10, 2006

Pre Season 2006

Done as of Feb 26
Forks rebuilt, still need to be filled
new sprokets installed
new pegs and rear sets installed
clutch cable lubed

Done as of March 7
forks finished - 15wt oil
new custom gasket for pilot jet
new chain
safty wired
old numbers off
new crush washer for drain bolt
new gear oil
other brakes installed and bleed
pegs cut
new plug

bike ran pretty well... didn't seem to want to rev up quite as high as it could, but ran strong all the way the rpms.

Motor has 2 race weekends on top and bottom end.

dad hooked it up with new alpinestar boots and a shoei helmet.

below is complete

need to get
washer for oil drain plug
gaskets for carb
springs for exhaust
brake bleeder (syringe).

forks -- 15wt -- 125cc L, 110cc R
clean carb
try those new reeds?
find oil leak

70 - 44t, 45t and 12t aluminum sprokets
6 - 170 main jet (don't think we needed it)
11 - fork seals
13 - fork wipers
7 - 15wt fork oil
6 - HJC premix
14 - cable luber
5 - brake fluid
9 - spark plug cap

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