Monday, April 10, 2006

Round 2 - Katy 3 hr endurance

3 hour endurance
Kevin and i rode the RS to win 3rd place in Lightweight novice. there were 4 bikes in the class and 4th place (peter's team) crashed 7 times. we rode fairly well. my last stint saw consistant 40's i think. i rode the hell outa that RS, but thats all i could get out of it on that little track. i only passed one person all day, but it was still pretty fun.

sunday sprints
we heat cycled the YXR throuhout the day saturday and sunday morning. it keeps missing in the mid range and wont rev up as high as it should. that seems rich to me, but the plug looks white? ran SB expert and Mini GP without very good results. bike won't rev like it should and misses a lot.

we messed with the jetting all day long and never got it to run right. we switched out all the electrics to see if that was the problem with no results. replaced the intake manifold because ours looks to be cracked, but no results. missed the remaining sprints because bike only got worse. couldn't even make it around for the hot lap. towards the end of the day i tried testing it without the air filter on and it ran pretty good. reved way higher than i thought possible with lots of power through 1st, 2nd and most of 3rd, but then started missing. seems rich to me but the plug still looks white? dennie gave me his carb and intake set-up straight off his running yxr bike to put on mine to see how it runs like that.

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