Wednesday, May 31, 2006

round 4 - katy 3 hour

this weekend was the 3 hour in katy. weather was warm... 80s-90s i think and it was humid. my tires were kinda worn out, so we fliped the front tire and took the rear wheel off the roller and used it. they both worked great and we stuck all day with 20psi in the front and 21 in the rear i think. we used the same gearing as denton... 14-45 i think? and it worked well. just had one awkard spot between 4 and 5 where i was topped out in 3rd gear without much time to shift to 4th, then back to 3rd. i was hitting 5th immediatley after turn 1, and might have been able to do it just before turn 1 if i pushed a little harder. David was only using 4th and 5th gear. i was using 3rd for all the turns. i was a little high in the rpms and he was probably a little low. i think we still ran about the same lap times though. we were both doing consistant 35-38s per mom, and she said she also clocked me at a 32.

we put in a 95 main jet and the bike really liked it. i also put on a 1/4 turn throttle and its much better.

i also got ahold of an ACE pipe that i think is 1 3/8" in diameter and is an undertail style pipe. its kinda cool. i still have to get it set up right and i'll see what kind of power difference it makes.

sunday it rained all day. i was also sick, so i didn't even register. i stayed and watched the races through the second break before going home. mom and dad stayed all day.

lots of injuries this weekend. concusions, broken collar bones and bruised bodies.

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