Monday, July 03, 2006

cmra - oak hill 6 hill

we had a bit of a rough weekend at the track. not just with the bike, but everything. the truck broke down and dad spent most of saturday fixing it while we raced.

anyways, we were doing really well. we had 3rd for the first 3 hours and were down 4 laps from 1st, and 3 laps from 2nd. we were running the new pipe and new tires... the bike was strong, the track had tons of traction and it was lots of fun. i think we were running a 95 pilot jet, but it might be a 98. whatever it was, it was too lean. we checked the plug after practice and it was grey. everyone we've showed the grey plug to in the past has said thats good, but i think we should have known better at this track. the bike seized at the 3.5 hour mark.

scratch that... top end looks fine... the bottom end is shot.

we would top out in turn 1, and only used 4th and 5th gear for the whole track. what a blast. it was scary, but the bike was stable and we were able to drag knee at full speed in turn 5 after the downhill.

lap times started at about 2:05 and I had the fastest lap for the team at 2:00. alan's team was running 2:00 to 1:57 all day. we actually ended up finishing 3rd.

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