Tuesday, September 05, 2006

denton 4 hour round 6

i just rebuilt the motor. rebuilt crank and all new bearings except for the bearing on the end of the clutch assembly. i left the top end alone.

bike ran prety well on saturday. i think we ended up with a 97.5 main jet. we finished 5th out of 5 in lightweight expert. short from 4th by about one lap. at the begining of the day dennie's yxr was pulling us in the straights. by mid race the bikes were even. i started off with 52-54 second laps. greg started with 55-56 second laps. my last stint i was averaging about 53-54 second laps until my battle with dennie. he passed me and i put in an effort to pass him back. i did a couple laps later. then he passed me, then i passed him, then he passed me... by this time i only had about 5 minutes left of my 40 minute stint, so i wore myself out. when he passed me i was doing 54 second laps. i dropped that down to the 51's with my best lap at a 51.168. we battled back and forth for 13 laps. dad was working the hairpin corner. the first time i passed dennie was going into that turn. i out broke him going in on the inside. dad said i was floating the rear wheel 3-4 inches off the ground. greg finished out the day with 54-57 second laps. we were running 15/45 gearing and felt like it could be shorter. was not topping out, but was pulling dennie's bike between 1 and 2 and between turn 3 and the chicane, but i always seem to pull dennie there.

sunday started with a dry track, but it started raining just as the races started. i skipped my sprints until the track dried. the bike was running well but began slipping out of gear going into corners, hitting false neutral i guess. it was really frustrating because i was feeling fast after my battle with dennie the day before. sounds like i've got some transmission parts to replace. i was running 14/44 gearing i think. felt nice, could have been topping out if at full speed.

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