Friday, October 28, 2005


i love adventure. i seriously want to ride a motorcycle from texas to california, washington, alaska... all of it... all on dirt roads.... or paved roads maybe, but thats too easy.

i want to carry my gear on my back. sit in the middle of no where with my best buddy, camp set for the night, drinking a bottle of rum... wondering what kind of crazy stuff we have to get our bikes and bodies through tomorow.

i want to be out of touch from everyone and everything for days at a time. no one knows if you're ok.. or where you're at really... it's up to you. seriously, when was the last time you were really disconected from the world by choice? it seems so hard to really get away, but it feels so good. having fun, relaxing, doing what you love... no phone ringing, no bosses yelling, none of lifes hardships floating in your head. it's pure, and it really makes you love the things you have. you get the chance to reflect with a clear head.

this is what i want to do... I've been everywhere

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