Thursday, October 19, 2006

katy 3 hour - round 8

i got the bike rebuilt with a new transmission assembly that i bought from cartwright for $40. works great! i also picked up a brand new set of aluminum rims with new tires mounted.

bike ran great on saturday morning. pulled strong. track was slippery. second time i went out for practice it started running bad. we couldn't figure out what was wrong. we replaced all the electronics, spark plug, new jets, i took the carb apart and cleaned it... nothing. finally i took the flywheel cover off and found shavings in there. apparently my impact wrench wasn't powerfull enough to get the flywheel on all the way. it shook loose, sheared off the woodruff key and beat up the stator under it. we stole the needed parts off dennie's spare xr100 and put it together. i only missed 1 out of the 6 sprints i signed up for, and the bike ran really good.

the track was slick all day. we ran a 14-44 or 45 gearing. i bought a 14t sprocket, but forgot that i need xr80 sprockets. so i have one that doesn't work now.

sunday was the 3 hour endurance. it rained all day. we ran the race and finished 3rd in class. 4th broke, but i think we were ahead of them before that.

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