Friday, October 13, 2006


11-12-06 8am steve and I
we did all the loops today without stopping except for when megan was calling me. my computer decided to suddenly start working, and it logged like 13 miles. that sounds a little far for RCP, so i think my wheel size settings might be off. I think we did the ride in about an hour and a half. we were cruising along fairly slow, mainly due to my problem with throwing up latley. i threw up after leaving the gym the other day, and i didnt' even work out that hard. i'm not sure whats going on, but i think it has to do with my metabolism and blood sugar. it was a really good ride though. we picked up the pace on the second half and the ride felt great. we didnt' even see an ambulance at the trail today!

10-1-06 7am steve and clint
we were keeping a casual pace, then we got passed by a older guy (50-60) while we were taking a breather. we got back on pace and i saw him up ahead through the trees, so i decided that it'd be fun to try to catch him and keep his pace for the rest of the ride. just as we began to catch him, i saw him slip off the teater-totter and nail the tree it goes over with his front wheel. it was a nasty get off. one of those that makes you cringe when you see it and hope that his back isn't broken. the kind where you face plant and your heels hit you in the back of the head kind of falls. when we reach him he's on his back moaning with a bloody face and broken glasses. he also had a sweat band on that had come down over his eyes and the metal frame of his busted glasses was kind of trapped with it. i was really worried that his frame had poked out his eye and it was freaking me out a little. after a couple of minutes to get his bearings, he got up even though i was trying to get him to lay still for a while. he took off the sweat band and his glasses. his eye was still there, but his face was busted up and bleeding everywhere. this guy was determined not to take an ambulance. he wouldnt' even walk to the trail head. against my advice, he rode his bike through the rest of the trail (maybe .5 miles) to the trail head. the whole way asking where his glasses were while i told him, again, that they were smashed into his face.

then he wouldn't take the ambulance that we had called. so i drove him across the street to his "friends" house. i found it odd that this friend had the same last name as him, but wasn't his sister. i didn't give it much thought though. I agree to take him to his friends house so that she could take care of him and take him to the hospital. we get there and she comes to the door and see's his bloody, beaten face. "what" is all she says. it was the most awkard thing ever. apparently this must be an ex-wife. i left him with her and went home.

due to the incident, we only rode half the trail.

7-22-06 7am jerms, steve and jerry
about 13 miles
about 1 hour and 30 minutes?
we did all the loops. the first half was a little tough for me as far as getting tired and sick. the second half was really good. i took the lead because i wanted a faster pace through the fast single track. it felt really good and i was in the zone carving through the trail with steve on my tail. i still haven't re-setup my computer, so i don't have all the ride stats. i think our average speed was about 12mph though.

6-17-06 7.30am jerms and steve
about 11 miles
about 1 hour and 10-20 minutes.

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