Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Party System

As my close friends know, I hate talking about politics. For one, i don't know enough about it to participate in a good conversation, and people get emotional real fast which drives me nuts. This will be a rare moment that you'll hear me talk about it. Feel free to comment and point out my ignorance.

I was listening to Michael Savage today on my way home from work. If you don't know, Michael Savage is the host of a talk radio program called The Savage Nation. He's also an extreme conservative. He had a man call in and give him some grief over something he had said, so Savage asked him if he was a liberal. The man said yes, so Savage began asking him some questions. I thought that this conversation was going to quickly turn into an incoherent mess like most of these things do, but instead the man gave him honest answers, and they had a very friendly conversation. I can't remember the exact questions he asked, but they were by definition the difference between conservatives and liberals. The man agreed with Michael Savage on every question, which brought up a really good point that i've believed in for a long time.

Or 2 Party system does not represent the masses. I believe that most of america is probably somewhere in the middle. This man, for example, considered himself a liberal, but the views that he was expressing were all "conservative" views. Unfortunatley, we are not given many options when it comes to choosing the men and women to represent us. There is such a battle between the republicans and democrats that its become destructive. We can pick the anti republican liberal, or the complete opisite. Even if we don't like either one we either vote for one or the other because they are a little closer to our own beliefs, or even worse, we vote for them strictly because we consider our selves a "republican" or a "democrat".

Everything is so split in 2 and overwhelming that a 3rd party never gets a chance. All we're going to get is the same kind of people, persuaded to go to the left or the right and stand for certain veiws to make sure that they win over some certain state. It's sad. The only way i know how to help the situation is to vote for those independent people going for office. I know they won't win. I might not even think they'll be the best choice, but i hope that the more votes they get the more it will bring hope and confidence to the next guy. Maybe someday we'll get someone that thinks with their head instead of with their advisors.

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