Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Broom's Blogs on the Daily Slurp

This blog made it on the Daily Slurp today. i expected it to be a little bit harder to get recognized on that site than this, but hey... I'll take it!

i just noticed that its also on Screenalicio.us. i've never heard of that one. seems there is a whole community of these sites that feed off each other. I've found this site "featured" on a lot of sites today. hmmm...

by the way, their screen shot of the site is all messed up. i know this site doesn't display right in explorer, but is fine in firefox and safari. i really don't want to spend my time trying to figure out whats wrong with it in explorer... if you know and want to tell me, i'll fix it. anyways, this is what its suppose to look like:

if it doesn't look like that for you... post up. i'm curious how many people are veiwing my site with it screwed up. if its a lot, then i guess i'll fix it.... gahh

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