Monday, February 26, 2007

Change of Direction?

I'm in a bit of a weird spot right now. recently single (well... a couple months single), a bit lonley, and trying to decide where i want to live. I moved out of Lakewood recently, and into a rent house that i own in The Colony. I was about to move out of the house in Lakewood, and get another place in that general area, but at the same time i also had renters breaking their lease in this house. Instead of risking the house being empty for a month or three and thus paying double rent, i moved into the house temporarily. I'm doing some updates and cleaning up the mess that those kind people left for me to clean up, and then I'm putting it back on the market, and moving when i get a contract signed.

The plan has always been to move back down into the Dallas area. Preferably east dallas. Thats where my friends are, my hangouts, my life, events and all the other things that come with being in an urban setting. I really love it down there and i feel like thats my home. The problem is that its about an hours drive away from Grapevine, which is where my son lives with his mom. this doesn't seem like a big deal until you think about the fact that if i pick him up from school and take him home, that comes out to over two hours durring rush hour. That means when i get home its bed time.... there goes any chance of hanging out with him after school unless i pick him up at school and do something locally with him for a few hours.

So this weekend i began to weigh the differences between moving back down to east dallas where i have a life, or moving to grapevine to be close to my son. he's getting older now, and much more aware, so i want to be there for him on a more regular basis than i am now. I'm just worried that I'll be bored and unsocial out there. its so far from everything i know. the good thing is that i like to mountain bike, and grapevine is home to 2 great trails. I also race motorcycles, so i would still be doing these social things, but i wouldn't have much of that random kind of social life that comes when you can just walk over to the bar to hang out with friends and meet new ones. i also wouldn't be as willing to do all that driving to go to social events like art shows, grand openings and other networking events.

anyways, the point of all this rambling is that i think i've decided to move to grapevine. i can't justify not going out there with the noted reasons. i have to think of him before myself (not that i don't already). So, with a tear in my eye, i say goodbye to lakewood and east dallas. my home for most of the past 10 years.



That's cool mane, Ayden's cooler than a bunch of drunkards and whores anyway. And I do get paid time off. So when I save up some vacation money I can come visit. Ah crap, your still going to have to come pick me up even if we're riding Grapevine.. heh.

Broom said...

what happend to the "bike in the backseat" method?

you need to watch craigslist or the DORBA board for a trunk rack... cause i'm not coming all the way down there unless you've got some special way to convince me otherwise

nads said...

Grapevine will be so much better. And hey, if you want to meet drunkards, you have Willhoites! You can meet many o' weekend warrior there. ;)
Plus, it's bbq season and we just got a new grill. You can come hang out with us .

Anonymous said...

F all dat! come to austin and let's cuddle!