Friday, February 16, 2007

CMRA Season Opener

The racing season is finally here! its been a long off season as always. I've got the truck all loaded up with gear and I'm leaving straight from work to Oak Hill Raceway for round 1 of the CMRA racing series.

I will only be doing the mini endurace race this season. its a 4 hour race on a 1.8 mile road course. Basically, you have one bike per race team, and anywhere from 2-4 racers. you ride for however long the team decided your stint will be, then you come in the pits to hand the bike off to a teamate. sounds simple enough, but can be painful. We'll be on Roger's XR100 motard (dirtbike converted for roadracing - pictured at the left), so its a little more comftorable. usually i'm on my yxr100. its a much shorter bike, but has the same motor. its killer on the knees and after doing a 30-45 minute stint on it you can barley walk.

the weather looks decent, but a little on the cold side. when we purchase our gear (helmet, leathers, gloves, underarmour etc) we are usually planning for hot weather since most of our racing is done durring the summer. This weekend has a low for about 30º and highs at about 60º. the 60 sounds good, but i'll be done racing by about 1pm on saturday... so i'll miss out on most of that. not to mention we'll be camping at the track and corner working when i'm not racing in order to help pay for the weekend.

I also finally got a real set of leathers. i've been using a somewhat cheap two piece set up where you have a jacket and pants that zip together. now i have a one piece that was custom made to my measurements. i picked it up yesterday and can't wait to break it in... hopefully not by sliding my ass across the track.

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