Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This past weekend Dad and I took our first ever trip to Hallett Motor Racing Circuit west of Tulsa, OK. Overall the weekend went fairly well. the track is nice and fun. It looks like it would be a blast in a car. We got there at about 1:30am saturday morning after navigating the crazy unmarked backcountry of north east Oklahoma. What a mess. We stoped at one town not too far from the track to ask the gas station attendant if she knew if there was anything to eat at the highway intersection about 10 miles up the road. She said "I don't know. I've never been that far." Hahahahaaa... my dad and i just looked at each other in disbeilief. After getting about 3 hours of sleep we got started with our busy morning at about 5:30am. The day went alright considering we only rode 45 minutes of the 2 hour endurance race due to mechanical problems. Dad worked the track all day picking up 10 or 15 crashed bikes durring the big bike endurance in turn 8.

Saturday night dad and I kicked back and drank a bunch of beer out of the CMRA Keg. Funny part is that we were both using the pit bike as our transportation. picture me riding a kids dirtbike with my dad riding bitch behind me. After getting a little drunk, we rode the bike through the paddock back to the truck trying not to crash. we found out in the morning that those little tires didn't stand up to that kind of abuse well... the rear tire was shot.

I joined dad in the corner working duties on sunday in turn 4 to recoup some of the gas money spent to drive out there. $3.39 a gallon sucks. It was a beautiful day with some of the best racing i've ever seen. Combine that with hanging out with dad, and getting paid to do so, and you have a good day.

Edit: these picts were just posted on the CMRA boards. they're really good picts of the big bike races on Sunday... Hallett Picts

Now for the technical stuff:

  • ran the track clockwise. temps were cool... maybe around 60ยบ. bike could have used some jetting adjustment. 17:41 gearing. could only pull 5th if i had a good run or if going down hill. i think 17:43 would have been better.

  • finished 4th in the F6 sprint. beating 5th by .07 of a second... good times.

  • finished 2nd in the F7 sprint with a fastest lap of 1:59.637 on the yxr100

  • finished 2nd in the endurance on Roger's XR. spent the first hour and 15 minutes trying to diagnose a sick bike. replaced all the electronics and rejetted the bike. finally noticed that the choke was broken. fixed it and Roger put me out on the track for the remaining 45 minutes. ran a fastest lap of 1:57.677

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