Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The House

I finally finished my house in the colony. Its listed and i'm just awaiting an offer. Only problem is that no one is looking at it. Its been listed for about a week and a half and, that i know of, has only had one showing. I'm getting the feeling that its priced too high. I'm not in a hurry though, so we'll see what my Realtors do. I think if people see how nice it is inside it will be worth what i'm asking.

Now i actually have to figure out where i'm going to move when it does sell. I haven't lived in an apartment in about 5 years, and the thought of going back makes my stomach turn a little. Especially now that i'm in my nice, finished home. It looks like that may be my only option though. My main goal was to get closer to ayden so that i could help out nadine (especially since john just got officially deployed and is on his way to Iraq), and to spend more time with ayden other than just my weekends. I want to be able to pick him up from school and take him to karate or whatever. The problem is that there are NO rent houses where they live. Theres a couple of crappy apartment complexes, and a couple of nice ones, but no rent houses. In fact, there isn't anything even close enough in near by cities to help with my situation either.... this whole thing is becoming very frustrating.

Another thing thats bothering me is that I was also hoping to save some money on rent, but all of the decent apartments cost just as much or more than what i'm paying for a 3 bedroom house! So i'm moving into a housing situation that i don't like, and i'm paying more. Kind of makes me go back to the debate on if its more beneficial to be close to ayden and commute to work, or to live closer to work and commute to ayden (which would give me way more housing options). It makes sense at first to commute to ayden since i'll be driving to work more than i'll be driving to him, but a lot of the times will be more spur of the moment things where nadine needs help or i could come by for dinner, etc., so it would be nice to be close. It's also a pain if i have to drive all the way to grapevine to pick him up, drive all the way home, then drive all the way back to grapevine in the morning to take him to school and back again to work.... ugh. i'm getting a headache, and right now addison is sounding pretty good. even though i'd much rather just be in east dallas. unfortunately that makes for a long drive to work and to ayden.

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