Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poker nights

I've been playing Hold'em once or twice a week for the last year or so. I like it. its a good challenge, and a fun way to kill an evening that might otherwise be spent watching TV. I'm actually getting decent at it too. I make the final table out of the 4 to 6 that start almost everytime i play, and frequently make it into the top 3-5 out of the 40 or so people that started the tournament. I rarely actually win though. So far only once.

I'm torn on whether or not its worth checking out a cash game or taking the hour drive to the casino in Oklahoma. All the games i play are for fun and they're free. I don't have a problem with that, and i don't have a problem with gambling in general, but i feel weird about the thought of driving to Oklahoma in hopes to make some money at the poker table. maybe its a product of growing up too close to las vegas in the 80's.

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Dan Hounshell said...

Jon, sounds to me like you have a healthy outlook on it. I'd probably try to err on the cautious side as well. I don't mind gambling, but I don't really seek it out either. I've been to casinos a couple of times, I usually walk in with a couple bucks and know that when it's gone then I am out. That's the same attitude that I took into card games with friends - we used to have a monthly game. I'd walk in with $20 and when it was gone then so was I.

Personally I'd probably not seek out a cash game, but if I happened to find myself in a casino one day and a game was going on - then all bets are off! (Sorry for the terrible pun)