Monday, August 27, 2007

Motorsports Ranch

This weekend was the 2 hour mini endurance at Motorsports Ranch in Cresson (just south of Fort Worth). I had mixed feelings about this race because: 1) it was only a 2 hour race, and it gets hard to justify the expense and effort that goes into a race weekend when you only get 1 hour of seat time, and 2) this track is bigger than we usually run on our bikes. you basically have the bike pinned for the entire 2 minute lap except for 2 turns. this means that most of your lap is spent buzzing down a long straight with the bike topped out at about 60-70mph... its not that exciting. On the up-side, i've never run this track, so i was looking forward to it, and Cara came with me. I don't think she's ever seen anything like this, so she was excited and seemed to enjoy the herself.

The weekend didn't get off to the best start. I set my alarm for 4:45am. everything was right: volume up, set to am, turned on, etc., but it remained silent all morning. When i finally woke, curse words began flowing from my mouth when i realized that it was almost 7. This means that i'm going to miss practice and will have to compete in a race on a track that i've never been on. its not the best strategy and it ended up costing us 1st place. We did manage to come home with 2nd with 1st only about half a lap ahead of us (pretty close after a 2 hour race). My best time was a 1:50 and i think roger was down in the 1:47s.

After the race cara and i cruised the paddock on the pit bike, watched the mayhem of the big bike endurance start (and restart, and restart again), and i taught her how to ride the pit bike. she did really well considering she's never done anything like that before. she was like a giddy little kid, "can we go ride the pit bike again?!?". She had one incident after a few beers on sat night that put her on the pavement, but she came away from it ok, unlike my brother.

Overall, we had a great weekend at the track.

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