Monday, November 26, 2007

NYC part 2

It's been 2 full weeks since i went to NYC, so, lucky for you, the details are getting a little fuzzy. Back to where i left off...

Friday morning steve and I hit the town on a mission to get all our tourist sight seeing and shopping out of the way so we could do other stuff with anthony and crew on saturday. We get a slow start by going the wrong way on the subway. We figured it out before we got too far and eventually made it to the tip of Manhattan to get a look at the statue of liberty. after that we walked north to see Ground Zero where the twin towers use to stand. I didn't see any memorial or anything, just a big NYC block with no huge building occupying it. its kind of a weird sight. I thought by now they would have already been well under way constructing a new building, but it looked like they were still taking out the remaining structure of the original buildings.

We took the subway towards SOHO, walked a little bit of China Town, visited a few stores that we wanted to check out and killed time until it was time to meet up with Anthony, his co-worker Nick, and Greg Battle and Bill Robertson from Global Grind for lunch. They were on the top floor of a 45 story building off 7th and 38th street were a lot of Russell Simmons' companies are located. We briefly met him before heading up to the roof where they take their smoke breaks. The view up there was amazing.

Afterwards, steve and i were on our own again. We headed back down to SOHO to finish our shopping agenda and tried to stay dry in the 40ยบ rain. Later that afternoon was when i found out that Bank of America canceled my ATM card. The banks were closed already, and most places in NYC don't take credit cards. I only had so much cash on me so i was screwed until the morning. I guess you could say that it worked out to my advantage to some extent since i was able to drink till 4am without spending a dime. We all hit the town (i have no idea where we were) for some bar hopping fun. After some food at a diner that our new NYC friend Nater took us to we were done for the night. We found our way onto the subway and dozed off till we found ourselves back in brooklyn.

Saturday we did some more running around, shopping, etc. We visited Saint Patricks Cathedral, a huge 3 story H&M, kid robot and ate street vendor hot dogs before we decided that Manhattan was just too intense and crowded to hang out in on a saturday afternoon. We took the train back to Smith Street in Brooklyn and checked out the little boutique stores before getting our last dinner in NY. Once again my bank card issue got me out of paying for dinner, even though steve and I had fully intended on paying for dinner with our credit cards. they only took american express. We were worn out by now and decided to just get some wine and head back to Anthony's place for a night of hanging out and playing Wii Sports.

Early Sunday morning we took a car up to LaGuardia and headed back to dallas. I was ready to go home and get some rest, but sad to leave.

Thanks to Anthony, Matt, Natalie and Anna for putting us up for the week. It was great seeing you guys.

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