Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Site Launch

We've really been working hard on the development of this site over the past month. Its very complex with lots of AJAX and some tricky CSS performed by my awesome co-workers. Its still got a couple small bugs to work out, but it was a really great effort with a short dev timeline. I actually created this design at about 11 at night while i was in austin doing the Phizzpop challenge, and Ken did all of the mark-up in the middle of doing the mark-up for the red site that i mentioned in a previous post.

The client said this upon delivery yesterday:

  • We just spent the morning going through the site & it looks great. In my experience, this is one of the best development efforts I’ve ever seen in translating the creative comps into reality – and you’ve done so in just one month. Thank you for going the extra mile & working extraordinarily hard at making Port 25 a great experience. I’m very much looking forward to pushing this out the door and seeing customer reaction to the upgrade. We have a vocal audience and I expect no shortage of reactions

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