Monday, October 13, 2008


In two weeks i will be exploring and aclimating myself to the 7,000-12,000 feet elevation of Peru. to be exact, i'll be in Arequipa (pictured). I can't wait. I was totally expecting this month to drag by at an unbelievably slow pace, but so far its been going by pretty quickly. I've been really busy at work and preparing for the trip. being busy helps.

we've got our hiking shoes, packs, travel alarm clock, typhoid and hepatitis A shots, spanish dictionary, and a rough itinerary that involves at least two flights within peru and 4 cities including Lima, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco and the surrounding areas. Recent talks have thrown in the idea of a quick trip over to Bolivia for a stay at La Paz.

Some of the key sights and activities on the list include:

  • watching the sun rise over machu picchu and hiking to the top of the accompanying mountain to enjoy the view.

  • visiting Colca Canyon which is more than twice as deep as the grand canyon

  • a boat ride on lake titicaca (heh heh)

  • rafting

  • horse back riding

  • parasailing

  • train rides through the andes

  • whatever we feel like

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