Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things I'm Grateful For

in no particular order:

my family is great, and the time we spend together is something i look forward to. We have a bond and common interests that most families don't have.

I have a pretty good job. I enjoy what i do, and who i do it with. I think i have a bright future to look forward to and a little more job security than a lot of other american's have at the moment.

He's a kick ass little dude and i look forward to us growing up together. I hope that i can provide him with everything he needs to become a successful young man.

I have some great friends that i know i can count on. sometimes I forget that some people don't have the support system and bond that i have with the people close to my life.

its a great outlet and an amazing way for me to spend time with my family, be active, meet new friends and have something to strive for and look forward to.

Its obvious that we all take what we have for granted in the US. just a look through some of the photo sets on the big picture make it quite obvious that we're very lucky to have what we have and live where we live. check out these pictures from the gaza strip, the Congo or Mumbai to see what i mean. I'm also amazed and greatful that someone like Obama has come around and brought new life and a sense of unity to the US and the world as a whole. His face is probably on every newspaper in the world today. that doesn't happen often.

I'm very thankful that as of now, I have my health and so do most of the people closest to me. I know how easy it is to fall ill or have something tragic happen to you or someone you're close to. I can only hope this continues to be the case and that my own body holds up to the abuse i put it through. For my friends that haven't been so lucky, stay tough and let me know how i can help.

theres plenty more to be thankful for in my life, but these are the things that have been sticking out in my mind over the past couple of weeks. my family and i had a pretty good 2008 (especialy compared to the average), and we're looking forward to 2009.


Beth said...

Wow Jon. What a moving post. If only everyone could count their blessings like this instead of listing their complaints...

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