Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Katy round 1 :: March

something in the bottom end let go in the first 20 minutes of practice. we got the motor out of the bike before the race and scrounged together parts to rebuild it using the bottom end dennie brought us. I did 2 30-40 minute sessions on kevin's RS50 and Greg did a couple sessions on brians NSR50.

after the race we worked into the night to rebuild the motor. we borrowed a top end gasket kit from moonshine... need to replace. bottom end from the rebuilt motor dennie brought us that morning. clutch from original motor. head and cylinder from original motor. piston from the motor that dennnie brought i think and i think we pulled the wrist pin and bearing out of the original motor because that was all pretty new.

got the motor in the bike sunday morning. the clutch wasn't working right. it wouldn't disengage so the motor wouldn't turn over. we never really figured out what was wrong. we pushed out the pins and the bearing for the clutch and put them back, laid the bike on its side and took the clutch basket apart and rebuilt it. dennie adjusted the clutch on the dry side some and it was back to normal.

bike was extremly lean, didn't run well after warm with the 170 pilot jet. put in a 180 and it's still lean but running better. ended up borowing a 190 from jack and ran that all day. it's still lean. we have an air leak from somewhere. bike ran fairly good though. would miss every now and then but over all wasn't too bad. i ran away with first in the supersport ysr race if that means anything. bike handled pretty well all day.

bike is way underpowered compaired to the lighweight class now. theres no competition anymore. we decided we have to put an xr100 motor in that chasis rather than rebuild the motor thats in it in order to have more fun. dennie is going to fab the motor mounts for the XR motor and bring them to cresson on the 25th for me. we also got a cylinder and head to build a ysr60 motor. after we get the yxr100 project done i'll try to build up the roller with the bottom end from dennie with the 60 top end, big carb and pipe for sprints.

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