Friday, March 17, 2006

tattoo work

got some work on my tattoo from Mr. Dean on wednesday night. OH! i almost laid the bike down on the way to the shop too... coming out of downtown on pacific. the streets downtown are old, bumpy and slick. i was aproaching a stop light with a truck stoped in front of me and i started braking like normal and suddenly the front locked up and started to wash out to the right. my instincts were good though, i let of the brake enought to get the bike stood back up straight and back on the brakes i went. only problem is that i took both feet off the pegs in hopes to catch the bike if it started going over i guess (i was only going 10-20mph). since my feet were off the pegs i couldn't apply any rear brake to help in stopping so i didn't rear end the truck at the light. i made it ok though... looked back at the street and didnt' see any oil or anything.

anyways... dean worked on the tattoo. he only tattooed me for about 1.5 - 2 hours, but he covered a large area and i was ready to stop after that. usually i'm good for a 3 hour session or more. most of the work he did was filling in background color on the back and inside of my arm. we started it like 3 years ago (cheebus, i can't believe its been that long) and we're almost done. i think i have one more session to finish up a lot details.

getting tattooed wasn't so bad. once i got home and took the plastic wrap off and that air hit it... man that hurt like hell. it was relentless. i took a hydrocodine and waited for that to kick in before taking a hot bath. you're suppose to wash it in the hottest water you can stand within an hour or so of getting it done. i guess it's suppose to pull out all the white blood cells and stuff... thus keeping it from scabbing up. it took forever for the hydrocodine to kick in and it hurt so much. more than ever before. dean instructed me to take a bath this time. i didnt' think you were suppose to do that due to risk of infection, but i like it a lot better. washing your new tat in the shower with hot water is pretty painfull. the bath method was much better.

i don't understand why the inside of my arm swells up so much when i get tattooed. it's crazy. it feels like a huge bruise. kinda tender to the touch, but not too bad. feels heavy with blood... i can make my bicept jiggle. in the pict the arm on the right is the newly tatted one. the arm on the left is the "normal" arm. note the difference around the elbow.

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James Shaw said...

Interesting; never heard that before. I was told to wash it off after a few hours but not to this extent.