Friday, January 19, 2007

Exploding Dog

I discovered an artist today on the 37signals blog named Sam Brown. I think his stuff is pretty cool... the more i look at it the more i like it. I can see it as some kind of new art form... I'm not sure how to explain it. Its obviously very simple and basically composed of stick figures that have been roughly drawn on the computer (most likely illustrator). At first glace it could be confused by the work of an eight year old, but if you look at it a little closer you can see that there is more thought and skill put into it than that. they convey ideas and emotions very well, and you can tell that thought was put into the simple things like expressions and use of space. the core skeletons and structures of the characters are done well too. if you've ever taken an animation or cartoon drawing class you know what i'm talking about.

The other interesting thing is that he bases his drawings off of random titles that people send to him. Its very interesting to think about how he got from the title listed to the drawing. some are amusing in this way, and some are kind of sad.

anyways, take a look and tell me what you think. Dewit! I know some of you are reading this crap, so humor me and participate for once!

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jlalexander said...

Wow, very cool stuff. I dig it!