Monday, January 08, 2007

Microsoft CES blog

We launched another site this weekend. its just a simple blog and photo gallery site for microsoft's presence at CES. we were under the gun on this project due to the holidays. i only had a couple of days for design and approval, then we only had 3-4 days to slice, code and de-bug after that. Considering the circumstances, it came out fairly well. if we had more time, i would have liked to have made some more spacing adjustments. it got about 24,000 page views on its first day (thursday jan 4), and so far today (monday jan 8) we have about 1.3 million hits at about noon, so thats always cool.

the booth tour was done by Waggener Edstrom (they're in Portland or Seattle, i forget).

you can check it out here:

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