Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Denton race results

This past weekend was round one of the TMGP series in Denton, Tx. I made the mistake of taking a clariton D on saturday morning, so the first half of the day i wanted nothing more than to take a nap. this is not a good state to be in while racing. it takes way more concentration for long periods of time than you would think. After about 2pm, i started to feel normal again and got up to speed. I didn't finish too well in most of my races, but i did manage a 2nd in the 19-29 age group sprint. The bike ran great. better than it ever has before. i was worried because i changed the oil before loading it up and noticed that the bike had sucked up a lot of water during the last race of the season last year. you can tell becuase it turns the oil into a chocolate milk consistancy and color. i wasn't sure if the internals had rusted up from the water sitting on top of the oil all winter, but i guess all is good. we were running 14-45 gearing i think and it was popping up the front wheel a little when shifting into 4th. i wouldn't call it a wheelie, but it was coming up. we weren't quite toping out on the straights, and i was topping out between the hairpin and the back chicane.

Sunday was the 4 hour endurance and we were riding peter's kx60. I can't believe that a kids bike is that fast! it hauled ass! That thing was a lot of fun, and tried to loop over backwards everytime you shifted. it handled a lot better than i expected, but we had NO front brake. it was a little scary. I only use the front on my bike, so adjusting to only using the rear (which is probably about 25% as effective as the front) was a challenge. I ran off track a couple of times, and even had a small crash in the grass once while trying to get back to the track. Eventually i kind of got the hang of it and was able to continue braking with the rear while diving into the turns. My fastest lap of the weekend was a 50.890, and peter beat me out for fastest lap on the team with a 50.843. Eric was our third rider and it was his first time ever on the track. He had only been riding for about 6 months, but he did really well. It started raining durring his 3rd stint, and he went down once, but he did a really good job in the rain. i think he passed everyone in the field at least once while the track was wet! He was super hyped about the day and is hooked already. I'm just glad i wasnt' out there in the rain. thats how i end up in the hospital. the track was dry by the time my next stint came up.

We had a few mechanical issues: sparkplug change, sproket bolts backing out and the sparkplug actually popping out. apparently it didnt' get tightened enough. we finished 7th out of 10 teams in the superbike class.

oh, and we gave ayden a mohawk on saturday morning before heading to the track.

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