Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm gettin' that itch again

Ever since i was a kid, i've always had a thing for the '62-67 Chevy II. I don't know what it is about that car. i think its the simplicity of it. its small, to the point and just flat out makes a mean, kick ass little muscle car.

I'll be in the market for a new used car (why used?) next year, and i need to get something dependable. I need a decent truck that will get me around for a few years and haul my bikes around texas. I just can't kick that urge to buy a project car for a couple grand and go to work on it for the next couple years until i achieve that bad ass little shoebox nova i've been dreaming about all my life. I'm not the kind of guy to keep it in the garage either. I would drive that thing everyday. I'd also want to drive it from the first day i bought it, which makes things tough. i'd have to make sure i still had another vehicle handy, cause more often than not, your saturday project runs into wednesday and you're stuck without a car. My point is that as much as i want to start the process now, i just can't. I also don't really have enough garage space... even though i have two garages... weird.

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