Thursday, March 08, 2007

Modern Marriage

I ran accross this blog by girlyunderwear about modern relationships. I think it hits on something that we all think about, especially those of us who arn't married, but we never really figure out. Its about the dynamic between couples today, and theories about why things work or don't work. most of the blog revolves around passion, sex and eroticism, and I think maybe those 3 things are the most important in a relationship. Like a lot of people, i've never really thought it though enough to come up with a clue of what that might mean, but i do believe that most of the rest of the relationship falls into place if you can keep those 3 alive. then again, how would i know? The article explains how it all doesn't always revolve around sex. It can be alive in many different ways.

this blog lays it all out. Its pretty interesting stuff.

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