Friday, March 30, 2007

Oh No!

I just realised that my 10 year highschool renuion will be next year! i'm getting old! 30 scares me. i've still got way too many sports, activities and things i want to do that are hard to do as you get older. especially for me since i have a bunch of fused vertebre (11 i think). i feel like degenerative arthritis is going to start setting in any day, thus ending my rough activities that i love so much.

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jlalexander said...

ROFL! I remember when I was the young one in the office. Now I turn 31 and suddenly others are starting the "I'm getting old!" chant...

Seriously, 30 is nothing. It was easy. At least you're in good shape and health (despite the vertebrae). :) You could be a tubby butt like me. Hehe.