Friday, March 30, 2007

On-Board Camera

I found this on-board video that one of my racing buddies has on his putfile. its a little long, and the quality isn't that great, but it'll give you a pretty good idea what its like racing these little bikes. you can't race this close, bumping, kicking and rubbing on big bikes.

the video is of the backwards race. it's an 8 lap sprint and you run the track backwards. its usually a crowded race and you get absolutley no practice time. no hot lap or anything. you just grid up and go. what makes it even more interesting is that you use slightly different parts of the track than you do normally, so its slick too. we also cut off a portion of the track due to saftey reasons.

in this race we did do one sighting lap going the correct way around becuase they had just cleaned up some oil on the track and they wanted us all to see where it was. the camera man actually follows me around the track on the sighting lap (black leathers with 2 white stripes down back), but after that you don't see me.

so... here it is. Enjoy.


Dan Hounshell said...

How cools is that video. Very nice. Looks like a blast!

Is that concrete? We have a cart track about 30 minutes from me that looks just like that track (as far as layout and size go).

Broom said...

its asphault actually, but it is a kart track. most of the tracks i run on are kart tracks, but we do get on the bigger speedways around texas too.

the track in the video is outside of houston.