Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter

I've been away in Phoenix the past week. My younger brother graduated from MMI last week and my dad and I had to drive there and back from Dallas to bring him back to texas. The school was pretty cool. they have literally thousands of cool bikes at that place just for the students to take apart and put back together. they're all donated by the manufactures, so after they're done using them at the school they have to cut up all the bikes into unusable pieces and recycle the metal. I'm sure that honda wouldn't appreciate the school taking away their business by selling the bikes or parts that had been donated. makes sense, but its kinda sad to see all those perfectly good bikes and not one of them gets to be used as intended. puts a little tear in my eye.

Overall the trip went pretty well. I wasn't too impressed with Phoenix though. Crime, smog and traffic was all i could see. Playing "spot the hooker" on Indian School Road is always a fun game to play with the family, and watching people play bumper cars on the freeway is entertaining too (i watched two accidents happen in one day... one involving 5 or 6 cars), but overall I didn't think too much of that city. they do have Del Taco and In-N-Out though... two of my favorite places.

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Steve said...

In and Out apparently has the best quality ingredients, not so many additives like other major fast food restaurants. And way more effin yum!