Thursday, April 26, 2007

Radio Free OKC

I use to be pretty good friends with a guy named corey a few years back. He since moved away to santa fe, and then back to his home town of Oklahoma City. We talk hear and there, and he even came down to visit and to see a Ted Leo and the Pharmacists show once, but his girlfriends car got vandalized in deep ellum and i haven't really kept in touch with him since... deep ellum can do that i guess (bad ass show though).

He has since started making a bunch of noise about Radio Free OKC and i never looked into it to find out what it was. i think i was expecting some political talk show that he liked or something, but today i discovered that its actually a podcast that he has been doing. I've been listening to the last couple of installments today and its actually really good. Aparently its the most listened to podcast from oklahoma city.

Upon checking out the myspace page i realised that a couple more of my one time good friends are also a part of the project, jamie and geoff. i say one time becuase everyone has moved away from dallas... except for geoff. he just has a girlfriend.

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