Monday, April 23, 2007


I really began to dig into my remodeling projects this weekend. i bought almost $700 worth of paint, a new airless paint gun and tons of odds and ends to get my house in shape to put on the market next month. on thursday night I patched up various dings and holes in the walls among other small repairs. Saturday morning i was planing on mowing the yard then finishing the last of my grout work on my new tile in one of the bathrooms, but the yard work turned into an all weekend project.

I realised that since the grass was so long when i cut it last time that the ground was covered with grass cuttings and dead crab grass (or whatever that stuff is called). so after mowing i gave it all a good raking and ended up with about 8 huge trashbags of grass and weeds. Hopefully that will allow some nice new grass to grow. i also filled the back of my truck up with branches that i cut off one of the trees and tackled the insane rose bush that was begining to take over my house.

Now thats all taken care of, i can get back to finishing up the tile and get to painting. if all goes to plan i can get new carpet installed by the first and get it listed the first week of may.

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