Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CS Theme Contest

Community Server has announced a theme design contest for the new Community Server 2007. you must design and implement your your new theme in order to enter it into the contest, and that can be done in two ways:

  • 1. Best Theme Export – Use the new dynamic theming functionality in Community Server 2007 to build a new theme. Most important part of this track is that you must be able to import/export the theme using the control panel. All files, CSS, and changes much be embedded in the single xml file generated by Community Server. The second rule of this contest is the theme must be based on one of the two default site themes Community Server 2007 ships out of the box.

    2. Best Damn Theme You Can Create – Track 2 removes all the rules from Track 1. This theme can be based on one of the two we ship, it can be a custom theme from the ground up and anything in between. You are free to add/edit any inline code as well as include any kind of custom code you like. The only restriction is you can NOT change any of the core Community Server code. These themes must work with the out of the box Community Server 2007 download. You do NOT have to theme the control panel.

Judging will be based on creativity, originality and ease of setup. In other words, it still has to be easy to implement. i'm guessing that a bunch of hacks and trash code like mine won't impress any judges here. 1st place wins a MacBook, second scores an XBox360, and 3rd gets an amazon.com gift card.

The official contest announcement and rules can be found here. If you have any questions about it let me know.

BTW: i'm going to mess around with the new CS2007 a bit, so i might have another blog move soon. hopefully that'd be the last one for a while. i dont' have to many readers as it is, i'd hate to loose you guys just because i keep changing my URL.

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