Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crystal Beach

Last night i got back from Crystal Beach with my old buddy April and her family. I love going down there. April and her family are awesome people, and its nothing but a good time. We drink, eat, drink, eat, party, drink and eat. everyone is happy.

we got there friday night, and of couse started drinking. we took a walk down to the beach and got attacked by hundreds of mosquitoes the second we hit the sand. thank god for topical Benadryl. i had my doubts about it, but it actually worked really well. took almost all the swelling and itching away in a matter of minutes.

Saturday we wait until about 11am before hitting the bottle. we swam, walked the beach, ate crawfish and eventually found our way to the Crab Festival that they put on every mothersday weekend. Basically you eat lots of food and drink lots of beer. combine that with some live music, dancing and good people watching and it makes for a fun night. I even got my friend Brian from houston to come down with his wife brandy and his little sister. they seemed to enjoy themselves, but the two of us were itching to leave because he had his 4-Wheeler out in the truck and we wanted to go roost some sand with it. we got that 700cc beast on the beach at about midnight and proceeded to scar that poor beach for a couple of hours. we decided to quit before we got too comfortable and killed our selves on that thing. April came back after her ride "I was going 60 mph down the beach!!"

Sunday consisted of more drinking and cruising the beach looking for firewood for that night. we dug a nice pit and waited for the sun to go down, but no matter how much off we poured on ourselves the mosquitoes were relentless, and eventually drove us indoors. it was really disapointed since we had been looking foward to building a nice big bonfire since we got there.

I can't thank april and her family enough for another kick ass weekend at the beach house. hope to see everyone again soon.


motopacsman said...

Sounds like you had fun.

Last time you and I talked, we were discussing turning your Neon into an art car. I've always appreciated your joie de vivre.

Keep it up.

Broom said...

haha.... you've got me confused with Greg Sampson. thats alright though, theres worse people i could be confused with 'round here.