Friday, May 11, 2007

i done got fancy

I decided that it was time for a new phone. I was afraid that my old phone was going to die any day, and i wanted something that i could sync up to iCal and maybe even check email with. since the 50 dollar camera i bought off craig's list kinda sucks and is as big as a brick, a decent camera phone was also on the list of features i wanted.

I did a fair amount of research, and after talking myself out of the Blackberry Pearl and the Blackjack, I decided on the Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone. I really wanted to get one of the smart phones, and probably could have got a free one with some digging, but they are more than i probably need. I've only had the W810i for a couple of days now, but i love it. it seems to have just the right amount of features for me. It syncs up wirelessly via bluetooth to my imac to mesh my calender and address book together which is awesome. I didn't even really have to set anything up. iSync just handles it all for me. It came with a USB data cable, so i can hook it up and transfer pictures, files and MP3's back and forth easily, or i can just insert the memory stick into a card reader and do it that way. The phone came with a nice set of head phones, and they are the exact style headphones that i like, and it can receive FM radio, so i can listen to the radio if i want as well (something that i miss on my ipod). I haven't been as impressed with the 2 mega pixel camera as i'd hoped. the pictures i've taken so far have come out pretty grainy, but i think it'll be fine in some better lighting situations. i didn't figure out how to use the "flash" until yesterday (after i took those pictures), so i think that would have helped. I say "flash" because its not actually a flash, its a light that stays on. kind of weird, but might be cool because you won't have as many unwanted affects that a flash can cause.

During my phone research i learned that you don't have to get your phone from your provider to get the "new contract" or "renewed contract" phone discount. you can get your phone from the manufacturer, or from another source like (where i got mine). their deals are much better than cingular, and you still choose your plan and all the options right there on that site. pretty cool. if i had checked out the pearl or blackjack on amazon i bet i could have got one of those free too, so its a good thing i didnt' look, cuase i dont' need one of those phones and i probably would have got one.

I'm off to the beach for the weekend. see ya!

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