Monday, July 02, 2007

Tellitern Rock-Off

We can't be the only office in town that has formal Guitar Hero Rock-Offs, can we?

The office is short on desks. We've hired new developers, and brought in a small army of interns (also known as telliterns) for the summer which has created a desk shortage. Basically, one of the interns is going to have to give up his proper desk for a rubbermaid fold out table. To decide who the unlucky intern was, they had to impress us with their showmanship in a Guitar Hero Rock-Off judged by our american idol impersonating panel of peers. Not a bad way to spend a friday afternoon at the office... too bad we were out of beer, and rotten fruit.

EDIT -- Ado just posted up the video on the telligent blog... Rock-Off

Oh, almost forgot, I found a fifty dollar bill in the parkinglot during! as soon as i got back to the office i heard that the Supersuckers were playing, so i decided to spend it on a concert ticket and booze. It was a great show. I was just telling someone the other day how i haven't seen a good show in a long time, so this was perfect. I've been wanting to see them for years, but always seem to miss their show (same goes for fumanchu). they didn't disappoint.

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