Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pick-Up Truck!

/hillbilly voice
Its been long, loooong overdue. After almost 5 summers of no AC and being at least a little embarrased by the couple of "Dave Ramsey Specials" i've been driving, i finally got a new truck. well... new to me. I just picked it up last night, and so far i freaking love it. with some new dark wheels (maybe something like this or this with no lift) wrapped with some BFGoodrich all terrain tires... mmm.... and maybe even blacked out emblems it'll look bad ass. for now its great as is. i can't wait to load up all my gear and head to the race track this weekend.


Dan Hounshell said...

That's a nice looking truck, Jon. Congrats!

James Shaw said...

tut tut, what would Mr. Ramsey say? that's your pension you're SQUANDERING :D

nadine said...

sweet ass truck!