Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hallett 2 Hour

This weekend was the 2 hour endurance race at Hallett, outside of Tulsa, OK. The race went very well for us. The bike was running well, Roger and I kept it upright and we won our class. Only bad thing about the race is the fact that we all traveled all the way out there for a little over 1 hour of seat time on the track. I dont' like 2 hour races, but we're in it for the points, so we race them all.

As for the picture, Careflight flew in during lunch on Saturday for demo. they just happened to pick a spot to land about 20 yards from where i had set up camp. I've never been that close to a landing helicopter. As you can see, i had to stuff my tent under my truck in hopes that it wouldn't blow away.

Roger rode the first hour and was doing consistent 1:54-1:56 lap times with a fastest lap of 1:54.681 right before he came in for a pit stop. I didn't have as much practice on that track so my lap times picked up throughout my stint. i started out running 1:56 for the first 10 laps, then started running 1:54-55 for the next 10. The rest of my stint i managed consistent 1:53-55 with a fastest lap on the last lap of the race at 1:52.386 and an average speed of 57.148mph.

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