Monday, September 17, 2007

Racing and Soccer

Last weekend was the first ever race on the newly expanded track in Katy, TX. It had some issues, but overall it was a lot of fun and a great weekend of racing. I raced with Marc and Jeff in the endurance on Marc's DRZ110. It's a well sorted out bike and a lot of fun. We ended up with 2nd place in the Lightweight expert class 1 lap behind first. Our fastest lap was around 55 seconds I think.

On Sunday i raced sprints on my yxr100 and did really well. I managed to get my 2nd ever 1st place in sprints. It was in the MiniGP Expert class, and a great, hard fought battle. I got lucky when Frank, 1st place, crashed and gave me first, but i still had a tough battle against Gilles. He passed me, i passed him back, he passed me back... we had a great battle until he tried to creep up on the inside of me in a left hander. I didnt' know he was down there and came down on him. we got together, leaving tire marks on my leathers, and he had to get on the brakes landing him in 3rd.

We were running 16:45 gearing i think. it felt pretty good except that i was topping out between the first new turn and the chicane. a 44 on the rear might be better. the sweet spot for the tire pressure seamed to be about 21 front 22 rear hot.

This weekend was Ayden's second soccer game. He did really well considering he wouldn't play at all his first game.

He went out 3 or 4 times durring the 30 minute game and took control of the ball several times. Only problem was that he never took it towards the goal. what ever direction he was headed when he found himself with the ball was the direction he went until he was out of bounce. He did a great job though and we both had fun.

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