Thursday, September 13, 2007

This is what a Heart Attack Looks Like

I try to spend my money in the right places, so I watch the mail for coupons that i can use for lunch during the week so that i dont' have to eat left overs or dollar menu all week long in order to afford other fun activities. Today i found a coupon for Jack in the Box for a free drink and curly fry if i buy their new sirloin burger... sounds like a deal to me!

To my surprise, the burger alone costs 5 bucks! Ok, fine. i'll pay 5 bucks for a decent burger now and then, but thats not what bothered me.... The burger is Huge! its rich, super cheesy, greasy and plain over the top big. I have to admit that it was pretty good, although it would have been a lot better with one less slice of cheese. I could only consume about 2/3rds of it, but i can just picture the average american eating this crazy mountain of calories along with their 44oz medium coke and 1/2 pound of curly fies without blinking an eye... ugh. we're disgusting.

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Cara said...

so that's why you didn't order any scallop sushi.