Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Last Race of the Season

This weekend was my last race of the year. We did a 4 hour endurance on Marc's DRZ110 and sprints on my yxr100. It was crazy humid causing major sweating even when you didnt' feel hot, but we had lots of fun. The endurance race started at 5pm and ended at 9, so half of it was at night under the lights. It was the first time i've raced at night, and i really liked it. It wasn't as different as i expected it to be thought. i'd forget that it was night time. We finished 4th in class a couple of laps behind 3rd.

The sprints on sunday went well, although i didn't bring home any trophies. I would have had at least one 3rd, but i crashed. Stuart was in 1st, Frank in 2nd and i was in 3rd with nice gap on 4th. we were wheel to wheel for several laps before i had a highside-lowside in the last corner causing a nice faceplant in my new helmet followed by 4 or 5 rolls. It dinged my head pretty good and my neck hurt for about an hour, but i was ok. needless to say, my new MX helmet is ruined. I'll have to wear it this weekend when i ride the dirtbike at muenster on sunday, but after that i'll pick up a new one before i ride again. Thanks to Dave from work for coming out to check out the races.

on a side note, if you're wondering what you might want to get ayden or myself for xmas, i'd recommend This.

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