Wednesday, December 19, 2007

450 Singles

At this point I'm a little unsure what my immediate future in racing is. I feel a little bored of racing the smaller bikes I guess. Mainly due to trying to attend too many races this year. I feel like i've reached a point where i'm getting pretty decent at it, and really want to move up to some bigger bikes, even if they're still minis. the issue i have with that is: 1. i don't want to spend the money on a new bike right now, and 2. I feel like i've reached a level in my abilities that is allowing me to push myself and the bikes i've been racing closer to the edge which has resulted in some wicked crashes compared years past. I feel like i'm riding a thin line between getting faster and knocking the shit out of myself. Thats why i'm thinking i might take a year off and do some enduro racing on the dirtbike for a while. Start a new challenge.

Anyways, that wasn't really the point of this post. the point is that i really want one of these 450 single bikes! It looks like several organizations across the US are building a class for this new bike, and if they're not making a specific class for it, then they'll squeeze you in with another class where you'll be competitive.

So, I think that most of you know what a motard is by now. basically it's a dirtbike fitted with 17inch wheels, slicks and suspention adjustments for roadracing. Now there is a new breed of "motard" and they're callling it the 450 Single. Its a 450 four stroke dirtbike chassis and motor with upgraded suspension parts, 17inch wheels and slicks, some sport bike style clipons and rearsets, and its fitted with a road racing style fairing. I think this would be the perfect bike for me to race if i was to move up to the bigger bikes. Its not crazy fast, it looks fun as hell, and if they build restrictions into the classes so that you can't dump 10 grand into the motor to win all the races, it'll be very competitive and maybe not crazy expensive.

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