Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two Point O'ed

I'm sure most of you reading this blog (assuming anyone is reading this blog) know what the term "Web 2.0" refers to. Basically it just refers to a breed of social networking and user driven sites, but it's also been associated with a trend of web design that we've all been submerged in for the past 2 years. I like to refer to these shiny, wet, reflective, star burst sites as being "Two Point O'ed", but we really should come up with a more deserving and appropriate name. Pictured here you can see a fine example of what i'm talking about. It's got most, if not all, of the key elements: plenty of shine, reflections, cyan, magenta, star burst emblem, networking badges, gradients, etc. Please, help me classify this trend in design so that we can engrave it into a shiny headstone and put it to rest.

Steve and I were introduced to a term while at FOWD that I love and quickly adopted: Flashterbation. It refers to the gratuitous use of flash animation that happened a few years back. It's so perfect, and fun. This shiny trend needs something just as suiting. Maybe it's already out there and I don't know about it, or maybe it just wasn't good enough for me to remember it... i dunno....

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